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Laura’s Vineyard  –  Derby Vineyard  –  Derbyshire Vineyard

Each of our 3 vineyards has its own viticultural challenges and advantages. Between all 3 we have over 440 planted acres with more than 20 unique varietals, and several different clones within varietals. It’s not an easy task for our Vineyard Manager to monitor the cultivation of each varietal, while jumping back and forth between the different climate conditions, soil composition and eco system influences in each vineyard.  Visit Our People page to learn a little more about Steve, and why he’s so good at what he does.

Laura’s Vineyard

Paso Robles – Estrella District AVA – 278 Acres – 3 planted varietals.

Originally part of the Estrella River Winery, the historical roots of Laura’s Vineyard span over three decades. It was completely wiped out by phylloxera in the mid 1990’s, and then replanted in 1997. The Derby family acquired the property in 2001 and has been farming it ever since. With over 30⁰ F diurnal fluctuations in temperature and up to 3,500 degree days per growing season, the east side of Paso Robles is ideal for the Bordeaux varieties planted on this estate. The largest of our vineyards, Laura’s is easily visible from E Hwy 46 on the right hand side coming in from the valley. It was also the home of our first tasting room, before we moved into our current tasting room and production facility in the historic Farmer’s Alliance building in downtown Paso Robles.


Derby Vineyard

Paso Robles – Templeton Gap District AVA – 127 acres – 20 planted varietals.

Derby Vineyard is located on Live Oak Road in West Paso Robles in what is referred to as the Templeton Gap AVA. Ray and Pam Derby purchased the vineyard when it was partially planted with 34 acres of Rhone varietals in 2006. Since then they have developed the property into a beautiful wine country home where they live today, surrounded by over 90 planted acres of many different grape varietals. ‘The ranch’ as they call it, is home to Rhône, Spanish, and Bordeaux varieties. Many of the newer plantings have a NE-SW row orientation to create even sun exposure on the fruit. Our attempt at matching slope, aspect, and soil types to the vines in each block helps create the best scenario for each variety planted.


Derbyshire Vineyard

San Simeon – SLO Coast AVA – 632 acres (72 acres planted) – 5 varietals.

Overlooking the sea, set against windswept vistas, zebra-trodden hillsides and adjacent to the Hearst Ranch, Derbyshire Vineyard is both a marvel of modern viticulture, and a throwback to the days of extreme farming at the whim of Mother Nature. Of his decision to engage in ‘extreme farming,’ in the closest commercial vineyard to the Pacific Ocean, Ray Derby says, “I’m either a pioneer or a fool.” Winemakers who use the truly unique fruit that comes from this vineyard declare, “What were once seen as limitations, we now see as Derbyshire’s greatest assets.” With just under 2,000 growing degree days (champagne averages 2,060) Derbyshire presents constant challenges, but its unusual location shapes the complex and distinctive flavor profile of the Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Pinot Munier, Chardonnay and Syrah grown here.


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