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The Building

The building was constructed by the Paso Robles Almond Growers Association as a warehouse and processing plant. Construction began February of 1922 on the building that would be referred to as “the symbol of the success of the almond industry in this area”. The building was constructed in five months, erecting a processing plant of over 11,000 square feet of reinforced concrete, so efficiently engineered that a handful of men could process 500 tons of nuts. The productivity of almonds began to decrease in the 1930s, and the building was officially up for sale in July 1936. K.B. Nelson, a representative of the Farmers Alliance Business Association, a grain brokerage, purchased the building.

After 84 years of service to the community, the FABA closed their doors in 1975. The building remained empty until 1985 when it was used under the name “Riverside Centre” for various businesses such as appliance repair and drywall storage. Ray Derby purchased the property in October 2010. To protect the integrity and authenticity of the Almond Growers building, Ray and Pam Derby were vigilant in following stringent rules that dictated the modifications they made restoring the building to usefulness again. It took three years to complete the rehabilitation of the building.