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Derby Wine Estates ®
Edition No. 2

Raleigh here with another edition of the Raleigh Llama.
I hope you’re staying cool this summer, if not come by the tasting room – the cellar tends to be a bit more forgiving than this summer heat!Friday night music series is still in full swing – we’re already halfway through! Come by the tasting room and pick up a bottle to enjoy with live music accompanied by a Derby Smokehouse meal, yum!

Winemaker’s cook-off is upon us! On Saturday, August 11th from 6-9pm and we are thrilled to announce that this year we will be partnering with Chulos Cafe and Cantina !  Let it be known that we are indeed, in it to win it. So bring your friends, family, and appetite and join us! Click here (www.winemakerscookoff.com) for more details.

Speaking of Summer – the End of Summer Garden Party date has been set. Mark September 22nd in your calendars if you’re ready for live music, food, and the company of yours truly. Tickets are available for wine club members: $50, non-club members: $60.

I still have a handful of members who have yet to pick up their shipments – I will send you an individual email so you know who you are!

In addition to this monthly newsletter, we’ve created a tab on our website called The Raleigh Llama, you may even be on that tab as you read this! Be sure to check on this page to stay up to date on all the current Derby Wine Estates happenings!

Lastly – I’ve interviewed our very own Sean Garner who heads Derby Smokehouse. Scroll down to read about and get to know the man behind the smoke.

Any questions or comments? I’m here for you. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call here at the tasting room (805) 238-6300, otherwise, respond to this email.
Cheers to you on this fine (Friday?) night, I look forward to seeing you soon.

The Raleigh Llama
(805) 238-6300


July’s Employee Spotlight: Sean Ryan Garner

The man behind the smoke…
The date is Friday, July 20th and I’m sitting in the Derby Wine Estates break room. I’m accompanied by Sean Ryan Garner, sitting across from me as we both sip Root Beer from wine glasses (his favorite non-alcoholic beverage). At a staggering 6’3, he sits far taller than me but don’t let that distract you from his kind heart and affinity for the kitchen.
He is, “the man behind the smoke.” He joined Derby Wine Estates in March and has headed the Derby Smokehouse since. If you have made it to our Friday Night music series, you may very well have consumed his smoked tri-tip, brisket, or any of his delightful smoked offerings. We’ve got 6 more Friday nights left of our concert series so be sure to stop by to enjoy.
Upon asking a few questions, I got to know Sean a little better.
A fun fact about Sean – he was the largest baby born in SLO County. Born and raised in SLO County, he is truly a local.What is your stage name?
White Chocolate

Favorite bands or musicians?
Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Duran Duran, and Elton John.

In your biopic, who would play you and what would be included in your soundtrack?
Jonah Hill and Naïve Melody by the Talking Heads.

How did you get involved with Derby Wine Estates?
I had been working with Kevin and he introduced me to Derby. I started here around March and have been working the smokehouse as well as the tasting room.

What are some of your favorite parts of working here?
The crew, it’s fun to work with great people. It’s also been cool learning a lot by working in the tasting room.What is your favorite meal you’ve cooked for Derby Smokehouse?
Definitely the Brisket. It has to be loved, almost like a child because you have to be with it all day. Not to mention it’s also a crowd pleaser.

What is your favorite meal to consume outside of Derby Smokehouse?
Cheese enchiladas – it’s a true test of a good restaurant. And they’re delicious.

Where is your favorite place to eat?
Shalimar in San Luis Obispo.

Someone you look up to?
That’s hard because I’m 6’3.

Tell us about what got you into cooking:
I started at a Subway and worked there for 8 years. I actually went to Vina Robles to be a ticket taker for music but they learned about my kitchen experience and I haven’t quite left the kitchen since.

Who or what is your spirit animal?
Gordon Ramsey, definitely.

Favorite scent?

Favorite camping spot?
Cerro Alto.

And with that we concluded our interview. Sean never quite finished his root beer because he had to get back to his Derby Smokehouse duties.
Stay tuned for the next Raleigh Llama and our next employee spotlight!